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Legende børn (med sværd!) skilt

Made som public signs for childrens LARP in Amager fælled for RollespilsFabrikken (Dont worry, its non-commercial and for kids)

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Pelican Message Box for Kindergardens

Box: 3 mm transparent acrylic
Pelican: different colored foam rubber

Acrylic cutting settings:
Speed: 10%
Speed: 5000 Hz

Foam rubber settings:
*Raster engraving:
DPI 300
Img dithering: Floyd steinberg

*Vector engraving:
Speed: 100
Power: 30
Frequency: 5000 Hz

*Vector cut setting:
Speed: 50%
Power: 80%
Frequency: 5000 Hz

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Multifunctional childrens furniture for Valby Library

This is a project I did on Fabcreation, in Fablab Copenhagen for Valby Library.
The library is in lack of seating space. and have horribly boring exhibition-shelves... so I figured I would combine those two into one fun, colourful and comfortable furniture.

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Animatronic Sign for Kids

The project aims to produce an initial working prototype of an animated sign for the book shelves into the kids section in the Valby library (Copenhagen, Denmark).

The prototype will serve to show the potential of having interactive signs in the room because it can improve the kids overall experience of visiting the room and selecting books by visualizing the theme providing them a funny and useful interaction.