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Parametric Lamella Lamp

Lamp designed in Rhino and Grasshopper using parametric design to iterate through the possible design decisions while getting a visual feedback and production files.

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Lamp Extender

Extender for Ikea metal lampshade. HDF + regular string.

The fit is very (too) tight. Is very difficult to put on without breaking it, keep that in mind.

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Droplet Lamp

This is a lampshade with more or less the shape of a droplet.

It's meant to be covered with some kind of paper/fabric.

It's just glued together. The pdf with the sides should be cut (almost) twice.

Possible improvements: It's way too fragile. It broke in many places and I had to cut replacement parts. And some of the circles are so close in size that it's really difficult to tell which is which.

It would also be way easier to mount it if a light bulb could go through the top hole.. But maybe less elegant.

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Olive lamp

A parametric lamp I made to introduce myself to laser cutting. The form is simple, symmetric around a central axis.

The design can be easily adjusted to for different material thicknesses, different shapes and different laser cutters or material dimensions. The overall shape of the lamp can be changed, by changing the two curves that are revolved around the central axis, the number of slices is also adjustable, as is the vertical location of the two discs used for connecting the slices.

I have uploaded the design documents as a zip file.

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Lasercut Tear Drop Lamp

I made this lamp from a design i found here:

It is designed for 3 mm material, I chose birch plywood which I think gives a nice contrast with the dark edges.

It was fairly easy to set up and cut but the assembly was rather time-consuming. The lamp has to be assembled around the fitting with the bulb in it which also means that you need to disassemble the lamp to change the light bulb. This might be possible to change through a design alteration and any contributions are welcome.

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Lamp for FABLAB

Lamp for FABLAB

The idea was to use as less material as possible
work with light and darkness
work with geometric objects