Laser cut

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Parametric Lamella Lamp

Lamp designed in Rhino and Grasshopper using parametric design to iterate through the possible design decisions while getting a visual feedback and production files.

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Marionette Doll

The SVG file contains a cutout for a marionette doll.
You don't need the outline, though it could be used for storing the doll in a box / a shape to hold it in place in a casing.
I used "træpap" since it is nice to engrave people's portraits on as faces and it is a light material.
The holes are for making the joints - you can get "paper fasteners" cheaply from Søstrene Grene which I used as joints, string will do too, then the doll is a bit more goofy with its loose limbs.

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Type cast box (So far only box)

Project goal is to make a type cast box (for electronic components and so on)

Cut boxes generated with:

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Interlock puzzle

First cut drawing1.pdf with 6mm HDF plate, then turn pieces 90 degs and cut file drawing2.pdf as shown in images in attached zip file(do not move the 6 mm plate)

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Mass Effect Omni Tool prop

A laser cut Omni Tool prop for a Mass Effect cosplay costume, cut form orange acrylic in order to achieve a orange hologram'ish effect.

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Diffused acrylic box

What is it?
1:20 scale model for a light installation. Holes designed to fit in 9 Neopixels.
Video of the outcome with lights:

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Picture frames

This was a small project for my volleyball club's coach and board members. A small picture frame with our logo (lion) and a quote about teamwork. Cut in MDF 4 mm, 400 Dpi, all parameters on the printer as recommended in the manuals. The job took approx 35 minutes, and came out great!

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Acrylic Card With Kickstand

Cut on a 40 Watt Epilog Helix

Material: 3mm Acrylic

Engraving Settings:

Top tip: remove the top plastic from the acryllic before engraving

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2 Small Japanese Jewellery Boxes

Soak the outer shell in water before you bend it.
Put tape or clamps to hold the shape while drying.
Good tip is to put the plate insde for it to keep its shape while drying.

Glue it all together.

3mm HDF

Cut Time:
15 min

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Karakuri Earring Box

Karakuri Earring Box.
A Japanese secret box that holds earrings. The Lock mechanism is a pendulum that locks with the inner case.

Soak the outer shell in water before you bend it.
Put tape or clamps to hold the shape while drying.

3mm & 4mm HDF

Extra Material:
1 small nail (to hold the pendulum)
1 small washer (Between the bottom and the pendulum)