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Parametric Lamella Lamp

Lamp designed in Rhino and Grasshopper using parametric design to iterate through the possible design decisions while getting a visual feedback and production files.

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Acapela is... a-cape-for-Bela, and a box.
It is composed of two things, a circuit board and a box (or enclosure). The circuit board has space for eight potentiometers and two 1/8" TRS (a.k.a. mini-jack) connectors for stereo audio input/output. It attaches directly on top of Bela. The box just keeps everything together and makes it easier to move around.

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Fidgetspinner Lasercut by Ziegler 3mm HDF

This is a fidgetspinner made from 3mm HDF, a small ballbearing from a 3d printer, and 3 steel balls from a bigger ballbearing. It is made for assembly without glue.
Remember to change the center hole for your bearing size.

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Counters for games.
Simple circles in Inkscape (15 mm and 25 mm) cut in transparent acrylic with vector settings 10, 100, 5000.

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The Fablab Book - describing what Copenhagen Fablab is with poems

The purpose of the book is to explain what Copenhagen Fablab is, while showing an example of what's possible to make at the Fablab. The text in the book is divided into 5 sections: Making, Thinking, Creating, Caring and Sharing, and is written in the form of poems. Everything in the book is hand-drawn.

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I made this box as a gift for a friend who makes flower medicine.
The box itself is made with
Just type in the dimension you want, and the website will make the files for you. I used 0.08 as the kerf, which I found out to be the tightest fit (read:

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UPD: coasters, sheep, name tags, photo frames

Hello, this is my first ever try at laser cutting - making some Christmas tree decorations and cute little sheep. "Perekond Piel" stands for "Family Piel" in Estonian and this is supposed to be a door sign.
Laser cut in 4 mm HDF.

UPDATE: the first try was unsuccesful... The laser has only cut through approx. 3/4 of the board, so there was no chance I could get my designs out and the whole thing together with a few hours in the lab were beautifully wasted :) Most probably this happened due to inaccurate adjustment of focus in laser settings.

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Christmas ornaments

My own design of christmas ornaments.
The christmas tree, the heart and the snowflake.
Cutted in HDF, Acrylic and wood - with the settings described in the fablab.

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Patterns - Lysestage

Var på FabCreation og vi fik opgaven at lave en boks i Inkscape, men så gik jeg lidt i selvsving og det blev til en lysestage i stedet :)

Billedet er fra prototypen. Jeg har ikke prøvet at skære den i andet end pap, men tænker den skal laves i MDF.

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Animatronic Sign for Kids

The project aims to produce an initial working prototype of an animated sign for the book shelves into the kids section in the Valby library (Copenhagen, Denmark).

The prototype will serve to show the potential of having interactive signs in the room because it can improve the kids overall experience of visiting the room and selecting books by visualizing the theme providing them a funny and useful interaction.