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Pop Up Tree Card

A pop up tree using sliceform and laser cut from paper/card.
This is the link to the plans:

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11-step greyscale, test, laser cutter

Raster settings:
Speed 50%
Power 100%
DPI 300
Floyd Steinberg

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Book Page Thumb Holder

Love to lie down with a cup of tea in one hand and a book in the other?
Damn, I cannot keep the pages open with just one thumb...
Say no more!
The solution is a simple thumb page holder!

This is a proof of concept and will be developed to divinity.

3 layers of 3 mm acrylic.
Glued together with clear "kontaktlim".
Measure your thumb where the root of the fingernail is - that is where the holder should sit comfortably.

Changes to be made:
Smoother edges.
The width should be longer, let's say 8 cm.


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Bicycle tunnel in Gladsaxe - model with living hinges

The project is a model for a light installation in a bicycle tunnel in Gladsaxe.
The purpose of the model is to test out various lighting design solutions.
The pattern in the ceiling can be changed and when hovering a light source above the top of the model, patterns inside the model tunnel floor will appear.

*The acrylic used as the transparent material is not ideal, since it is too reflective.

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AquaScope for KBH's Strand Bibliotek

First in danish, then in english.

Aqua Scope
Jeg ville gerne lave et Aquascope(undervandskikkert) til Strand Biblioteket på Amager Strandpark i FabCreation - Hack Dit strandbibliotek.

Jeg forsøgte i første omgang at gøre det trapez formet, snarere end bare en firkantet kasse, men værktøjet jeg forsøgte at bruge til det ændrede for mange mål og vinkler i processen. Så det ikke var muligt at passe det ordentligt sammen.

Så det blev nødt til at være en rektangulær kasse med huller til øjne og næse, og lidt polstring til ansigtet.

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The universe in 3D

This project is about, making the 8 planets in 3D. We have worked with a lasercutter, 3D printers and related programs as incscape. The first two days has been exciting, as we got to work with the computers, and we got to use our imagination. We work in groups, 3 and 3. Some planets are bigger than others, so it is going to take longer, to create for example, Jupiter, than earth.
We have also got to make a sign for our planet as a magnet, so we can keep up with, how far we have gotten.
The first two days have been a succes, so we're all exited to come back in next week.