By Hemija
By xavier butcher
By peterbach

Giant D20 Dice / icosahedron

A large 20 sided dice.

The frame was made from 6mm MDF. This was a bit too thick to laser cut so I ended up just engraving the lines then cutting with a saw.

The faces are 3.2mm MDF.

All connected with cable ties.

Laser Quick Guide

Lasercut icosahedron (dice/lamp)

Cut from 4mm HDF, connected with cabelstrips

Lasercut front cover for Extended Master's Thesis by Nicholas Williams and Tine Øgaard Madsen

The lasercutter at Copenhagen FabLab was used to create the front cover of our Extended Master's Thesis. We thank you so much for the use of equipment and help from the volunteer staff!

Made in Copenhagen Fablab + #copenhagenfablab

IMPORTANT! You need DIN Mittelschrift font to edit this!

SVG and PDF files

Files you can use to add to your projects

Made in Copenhagen Fablab

Type font - DIN Mittelschrift

Gift Globe by Peter Bach

You need this:

Thick paper 60 × 40
Felt 45 × 45
Small piece of hdf for base: 6 × 6 cm

Material template SVG with gradient, living hinges, text examples

File source from Thingiverse -
Remixed as Inkscape SVG (0,02 mm lines etc) and cutting with (our) Epilog Helix.

edited Sewing box by Jeppe M (to be continued...)

Materials needed:
any 3 mm material

Makey Makey workshop controller symbols

Different shapes to use with Makey Makey controllers.

Pelican Message Box for Kindergardens

Box: 3 mm transparent acrylic
Pelican: different colored foam rubber

Acrylic cutting settings:
Speed: 10%
Speed: 5000 Hz

Foam rubber settings:
*Raster engraving:
DPI 300
Img dithering: Floyd steinberg

*Vector engraving:
Speed: 100
Power: 30
Frequency: 5000 Hz

*Vector cut setting:
Speed: 50%
Power: 80%
Frequency: 5000 Hz


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