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What is Copenhagen FABLAB?

Copenhagen Fablab is an open access, shared and user-driven tool workshop situated on 4th floor (and constantly evolving basement area) at Valby Kulturhus.

There is no membership - You can use the Fablab for free without making reservations by following these 4 rules:

1. No commercial production

2. Leave the Fablab cleaner than it was before 

3. Share your projects

4. Help others and maintain the tools

To access locked equipment see the Fablab Calendar when volunteers are there to give access to the machines, workshops or intros. Do you want to volunteer and have access to locked equipment all the time? Have a look under the About page for more info on volunteering.

How to set up a file in Inkscape for laser cutting

By: Copenhagen Fablab

Date: Jan 7

Legs for Sunglasses

By: Eric Garcia

Date: Feb 19

Valby Halen projects

By: Copenhagen Fablab

Date: Feb 20

Spool for Husqvarna Combina ii

By: Liisa U.

Date: Feb 21