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What is Copenhagen FABLAB?


Copenhagen Fablab is an open access, shared and user-driven tool workshop situated at Valby Kulturhus and Værkstedshallerne.


There is no membership - You can use the Fablab for free without making reservations by following these 4 rules:

1. No commercial production

2. Leave the Fablab cleaner than it was before

3. Share your projects

4. Help others and maintain the tools


We follow the international Fablab Charter which can be found here - http://fab.cba.mit.edu/about/charter/


To access locked equipment, check out the the Fablab Calendar to find out when volunteers are there to give access to the machines, workshops or intros. If you want to access locked equipment at all times, you can become a volunteer aka SuperUser.

Read more about becoming a SuperUser here.

Politics of Nature

By: Jakob Raffn

Date: Nov 7

Quick release plate for camera

By: Thomas Pedersen

Date: Dec 17

Hexapod Mk I

By: Christian Kampp Kruuse

Date: Dec 28

"Club Malte" Labels

By: xavier butcher

Date: Jan 8