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GCC vinyl cutter > Inkscape instruction

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Lasercut front cover for Extended Master's Thesis by Nicholas Williams and Tine Øgaard Madsen (front by Troels Øgaard)

Front page for a master-thesis I did for my family in 2017.
2mm black cardboard (from Christensen Grafisk in nordvest) engraved and cut. Did the same for my own thesis the year before and the burnt black gets a greyish colour.

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Winebox Front

Custom wine box front for a wedding

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Ideprisen 2018 trophy

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Various info signs for the entrance to Valby Kulturhus

Materials used :
4mm orange acrylic
Black vinyl

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CNC milled coffee bag clip + spoon

Milled out of ca 20 mm laminated plywood
Machine used - Shopbot
End mill - ??

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Custom fit paper bin for ALEX drawer

In my current bedroom, floor space comes at a premium, so there wasn't much space for even a small bin on my floor. Instead I designed this box to accurately fit within the lowest drawer in my ALEX cabinet from IKEA, so I can close the drawer and it will be out of the way when not in use.

The material used is 3mm clear acrylic.

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Windmill, power station and human cut-out

The pieces were cut in 3mm HDF

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Water Quality Meter

Water quality meter built using Waspmote and a bunch of water sensors from Libelium (
- waspmote
- wifi chip
- water sensor board
- battery
- conductivity sensor
- dissolved oxygen sensor
- temperature sensor
- ph sensor

Code lives here: