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Totally intentional ceramic and plastic lamp

Setting up and exploring with the new vacuumformer led to this 70's inspired lamp. Created with build-in plastic lightbulb.

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Pop Up Tree Card

A pop up tree using sliceform and laser cut from paper/card.
This is the link to the plans: https://jennifermaker.com/pop-up-apple-tree-card-3d-sliceform/

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Test for Leather

Testing some leather work

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Linocut print

Just an attempt to print a linocut using the fablab print equipment.

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Eurorack Synth Box

Box for a few Eurorack synth modules.

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Gondola for polargraph drawing machine

Gondola for drawing machine. Designed in FreeCAD. Code is here: http://www.polargraph.co.uk .

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Dremel Flying Fan

A fan that can fly when spin by a Dremel. From https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:498346 .

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Jens Munk case for Raspberry Pi B+

A Raspberry Pi B+ case you can click together, with an engraving from a map depicting the famous voyage of Jens Munk (https://da.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jens_Munk).

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Interactive sign for Sundby Bibliotek

Sign that light up areas on a map when buttons are pressed. Lasercutting + Arduino.

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Lamp Extender

Extender for Ikea metal lampshade. HDF + regular string.

The fit is very (too) tight. Is very difficult to put on without breaking it, keep that in mind.