By katja
Næsten samlet
By Thorlak


i am a normal size pencil case with a living hinge opening mechanism, picture coming soon.
Print me, glue me up, and then you are good to go. with this design everything makes sense once you have me in your hands, which partes that go where, your life, you name it.
hope you put me to good use.

iPad Air 2 Case 1.1

Case for hanging an iPad Air 2 from a wire.

Wall climbing suction car

As part of a project for innovating stuff, we came up with an idea of a wall-climbing robot. This machine uses a turbine for making enough thrust to be held against the wall. More files will come soon

The parts:
The frame was made by a 200mm * 200mm * 4mm board,
and by using the laser cutter the hole and spaces for the structure was made.

We also 3D-printed the supporting frame for the turbine, these fit into holes
on the frame, and also to curve around the turbine.

Wall clock


I made a wall clock at the Fablab, and here's the story, in all it's glory, with all my mistakes, so you can learn from them :)

Looping Louie

Looping Louie expansion from 4 to 8 players.

Cylinder box

The curving wood piece for this box needs to be a little longer than the actual perimeter of the inner circle for it to be able to reach the whole way around. The sides run in a groove with build in self-locks in the bottom piece.

Gift box with curving hdf and logo lock

The vertical walls of this gift box are made from one piece of wood. The logo is cut tightly and serves as the 'lock'. No glue. No screws.

Square lantern

This lantern projects really well. It assembles by turning the bottom part. No glue. No screws. I put in a suspended piece of metal to absorb the heat from the candle to protect the hdf and sprayed the whole thing with spray varnish.

Laser cut bird

Laser cut bird made from 3mm HDF board.
The bird is based on
It was scaled up by 50% to accommodate for a thicker board I had.

Kitschy candle holder

After making my solar cell ring, my mom said it kind of looked like a candle holder, and asked if I could make her one. So, I reworked my pattern a little bit, enlarged it, and there we go. If I do it again I would make the base thicker though, as it broke quite easily. Nothing a little super glue can't fix, but it's worth noting.
A cutting file and an engraving file.

I've done these with the settings:
Cutting: 10% speed
100% power
5000 hz freq.
300 dpi
Job type: Vector


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